Grade 4

Danielle McNichol, Fourth Grade Teacher


Tell us about yourself:


I fell in love with the art of teaching when I operated a home daycare and preschool.  After six years of teaching preschool, I decided to pursue my degree in education so I could teach students at the Elementary level.  In 2010 I earned my Bachelors Degree in Education through the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and in 2012 I earned my Masters Degree in Education through Walden University, specializing in Elementary Reading and Mathematics.  I have been teaching Elementary School since 2011 and absolutely love what I do!  I taught my first year in fourth grade and then taught second grade for the next four years.  I am excited to be back in fourth grade and to be a part of the Cushing Community School.


Tell us why you like to teach fourth grade?


I love fourth grade.  Fourth graders are curious and still enjoy being in school.  They are independent enough to do projects and are interested in learning new things.  I have very fond memories of fourth grade and it was one of my favorite school years growing up. 


What are your favorite student units?


I love math!  My favorite units to teach are multiplication, division, and fractions.  It usually takes fourth graders a couple of weeks to master these topics, but I enjoy incorporating fun art projects and games to help them learn.  I also love reading aloud stories that teach the themes of courage, friendship, and acceptance with books such as The Giver, Number the Stars, The Jacket, and The Hundred Dresses.


What is your parent contact plan?


I communicate a lot through class messenger.  Soon, I will be setting up my account for this year’s class.  I send reminders and messages through Class Messenger as well as organize classroom events.  Through this site, parents are able to contact me, sign up to volunteer, sign up for our events, and much more! To learn more, go to  At the bottom of the page, on the right, you will see where parents can search for a class.  When you type my name, Danielle McNichol, you will find my class page. 


What are your homework guidelines?



The students are expected to read each night for 20 minutes.  A worksheet will go home each night as well that covers many different topics and is expected to be returned the next day.  If there are ever any questions on the homework, please leave me a note on the back of the worksheet or contact me through class messenger.  Reading expectations begin as soon as school begins and the worksheets will come home around week two of school.   


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