Grade 3

Ms. Carroll

Meg Carroll, Third Grade Teacher



Tell us about yourself:

I grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, outside of NYC. My family enjoyed going to the seashore on vacations and Maine was a favorite destination. My sister, also a teacher, moved to the Midcoast in the 1970s and I visited her often. After graduating from Skidmore College in 1978, I moved to Maine permanently and began a career as a Music teacher.

I loved teaching Music K-12, but because I have many interests and wanted to work with young children, I returned to school (University of Maine) to fulfill the requirements to teach in a elementary self-contained classroom. In 1988 I was hired to teach First Grade at Lura Libby School in Thomaston and soon knew I had found my niche. Working with the children was a delight and I enjoyed teaching all the academic subjects while creatively integrating Art, Music and Drama.

My teaching experiences since then have included Grade Three, Grades Three/Four Multi-Age, Music (both here at CCS) and Grade Five. I have come full circle back to Cushing, where, as a community member and once again a teacher, I feel blessed to call home.


Tell us why you like to teach third grade?

Third Graders are naturally curious and enthusiastic about learning! I am always amazed by how much they grow throughout the year both academically and socially yet still maintain an attitude of wonder and delight in exploring their world. I enjoy watching each child develop a sense of his/her uniqueness while discovering which themes or topics hold a special interest.


What are your favorite student units?

I do love teaching all Grade Three subjects! Because I believe very strongly in the individuality and learning style of each student, integrating and making connections as much as possible form the framework for my teaching. Science, Social Studies and Health are integrated with Reading, Writing and Language Arts while Art, Music and Drama are interwoven throughout. Every year I learn something new and broaden my understanding of the concepts I teach. I learn a lot from my students as well! Some of my favorite units include Plant Growth and Development, Forests, Nutrition, Life in the Past, Civil Rights, Healthy Habits/Self Esteem, China, The Changing Earth, Birds, and Thomaston/Cushing History. The students perform in several plays each year and work on many hands-on projects.


What is your parent contact plan?

Parent/Teacher communication is very important. Parents and I work as a team to help their child have a positive school experience. I send home a school-to-home folder every Monday with the week’s homework and notices and I encourage parents to contact me with any questions, concerns, or just to check in. I can be reached at 354-2312 at CCS or by email – Parents are always invited to chaperone field trips and to help out with projects in class.


What are your homework guidelines?

Third Graders are expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes and work on Math and Spelling for an additional 15 minutes each day for homework. Homework is assigned on Monday and is due on Friday. The assignments reinforce concepts and skills taught in the classroom. While students should be able to complete their homework independently, I encourage parents to check over the work before it is handed in.