School Nurse

Lynne Hall
Lynne Hall


Meet Mrs. Hall


School Nurse Biography: 

I live in Port Clyde with my husband John. Our son Jonathan is married and lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Jessica and baby boy Carter. He’s my first grandchild! Our son Joshua is finishing up his master’s degree in biology and will be a new student at Tuft’s School of Dental medicine this summer. He has lots of studying ahead of him! I love to garden, go to zumba and read. I play the piano and guitar, but I need to practice a lot more! I had been a school nurse for a long time. I am very happy being the Thomaston Grammar School Nurse and hope to stay for a long time! Whenever you are in the school, please stop and pay me a visit.


Why you like to work as a pediatric nurse:

I first began my nursing career at the Children’s Hospital School of Nursing in Boston, Massachusetts. It was the only pediatric school of nursing in the entire country. I knew from right from the start that I enjoyed caring for children.


Favorite student health units:

I love teaching children how to stay healthy! Proper hand washing, tooth brushing, choosing the right foods to eat, and staying strong with exercise are just a few of the things I like to talk about.                                          

I think of myself as a role model and hope that children learn that making the right choices can keep us happy, healthy, strong and youthful.


Parent contact plan:  

Please feel free to contact me if you have concerns about your child or just general health questions. You may reach my by calling the school or via e-mail