Valued Attributes


                                VALUED ATTRIBUTES OF STAFF AT 

                                    CUSHING COMMUNITY SCHOOL


We are guided by our philosophy, academic competencies, and the Maine Common Core of Learning Standards. The staff at Cushing Community School believes that each child is unique. We have created a school environment that is safe, secure, and that addresses the needs of all students. In addition to our strong academic programs that challenge students and provide them with a solid foundation for learning, we stress the development of social skills that encourage confidence, self-esteem, and healthy interactions with others. We have high standards for our students. We want them to be successful in society and to contribute to an improved world. Working together to make each year a success, we strive for an excellent relationship among children, parents, and teachers.


In the area of academic excellence, our goals are that each staff member will:

a)  collect data to assess students’ needs and progress, in order to inform and differentiate instruction;

b)  utilize data to develop, monitor, and update Response to Intervention plans;

c)  demonstrate knowledge of content areas and related district curriculum;

d)  demonstrate general academic competence and willingness to seek and to accept support from colleagues as needed;

e)  create and plan lessons with stated learning targets that motivate, challenge, and address a diverse population;

f)  demonstrate openness to new ideas and practices in instruction and classroom management;

g)  access the Literacy Assessment Protocol Planning Handbook and other similar documents; and

h) utilize technology in instruction.


In the area of school environment, our goals are to:

a)  facilitate a classroom atmosphere of security and caring that promotes a student’s willingness to take risks in learning and to accept challenges;

b)  organize the classroom to provide for an appropriate mix of whole class, group, and individual instruction, as well as for teacher-directed and student-initiated learning;

c)  facilitate social responsibility and interaction to promote caring behavior, problem solving abilities, and student responsibility for work and the school environment; and

d)  communicate regularly with and facilitate parent involvement.


In the area of personal and professional development, our goals are that staff members will:

a)  demonstrate dedication and caring;

b) maintain a professional demeanor in actions and tone with children, parents, and colleagues;

c) promote positive relations regarding our school with parents and community members;

d) work as a contributing member of a team during common planning time;

e)  participate in school/district committee work;

f) stay current in best practices through workshops and conferences; and

g) support school functions.