Grade 4

Tell us about yourself:

I grew up in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, which is a suburb of Philadelphia.  After graduating high school, I moved down the street to North Wales, PA and stayed there until this past January.  I attended Kutztown University for a degree in Biology with a focus in Organismal Ecology.  I studied marine invertebrates, mostly plankton, and how an increase in global temperature was impacting how they interact wtih their surroundings.  After graduation, I began working at a local zoo in their education department.  I travelled to surrounding camps, schools, nursing homes, and community centers to talk about some of the animals that could be found in South Eastern Pennsylvania.  It was here that I realized that I was incredibly passionate about teaching.  I decided to return to Kutztown University for a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education.

After graduating from Kutztown for the second time,  I hopped on a plane and moved all the way across the country to Chignik Bay, Alaska.  There I lived in a village with only 50 people and taught in the village school.  I was a secondary generalist and my homeroom consisted of grades 3-11.  I also taught science to the elementary students.  Because there were only 17 students in the entire school, I saw each of them every day!  It was quite the community of learners in  Chignik.  While I loved living in Alaska, all of the villagers, and the village dogs, I decided that I needed to be closer to my family and returned to the East Coast in May.  This past summer I ran a local summer camp for preschoolers and enjoyed spending my days at a  park and working on science experiments.

I am very happy to have joined CCS this year and look forward to teaching (more than one) 4th grade.  In Alaska I only had one 4th grader and am excited to have 14 students this year.

Tell us why you like to teach:

Growing up I loved going to school.  I have always loved science, math and reading.  I believe I enjoy teaching so much because I still have such a strong passion to continue learning.  I always knew that I wanted to become a teacher and initially fell in love with informal teaching at zoos and aquariums.  After spending time in various classrooms during my time with the zoo I realized that I was destined for a classroom setting.  I loved seeing how eager students were to continuously learn new material and were always willing to try hard each day.