Meet Ms. Jones, Teaching Principal


Tell us about yourself:  I grew up in Wiscasset and moved back to Maine in 2013 after living away for many years.  I have degrees in biology and journalism as well as education, and discovered my life’s work when I began teaching about 16 years ago. I’ve taught a number of grades at the elementary and middle school levels and am particularly passionate about the teaching of science and writing. I moved into school leadership with this position at CCS in 2016, excited by the opportunity to continue teaching, too. When I’m not at school I’m usually reading, taking courses, or spending time with my husband of 33 years. We enjoy working on our farm, travelling, enjoying time with friends, and when we can, spending time with our son and daughter who are now in their 20s.


Tell us why you like what you do:  Being a teaching principal at Cushing Community School is a privilege.  As an interventionist teacher I have the chance to give students extra support in math or reading to help them boost their skills and be more successful in their classrooms. As a principal I love helping teachers get the resources and supports they need to ensure that every child is engaged and successful. I also love the chance to help students take pride and ownership in their school and build their confidence and leadership skills. I hope to create more opportunities like our student council and school store, in which students can share their creativity and shine as leaders. Another important priority for me is to help teachers find ways to access and use our outdoor spaces and make connections in the community  to engage students in meaningful learning projects that make learning fun.


What is your parent contact plan:  We are fortunate at CCS to have very involved families and supportive volunteers. Our Friends & Family Group plans many, many fun events throughout the year. It’s also incredibly important that each student benefit from a strong and positive connection between his or her family and classroom teacher, so an important part of my job is to help teachers make those connections. We have a Fall Open House and Parent-Teacher Conferences twice a year in which our goal is 100% participation. Each classroom teacher is expected to have a home-school communication system (newsletter or Class DoJo for example) to make sure families receive information about what’s happening in the classroom; this year each student will also receive an agenda book/planner as well as their home-school folder to travel back and forth from home each day to support communications about individual student needs.  While the home-teacher connection is most important, I encourage parents to contact me directly at any time with questions, concerns, or to let me know of things that are going well so that we can learn and build on those successes.