Sue Foltz

Speech Pathologist



Teacher Biography:

Most of my working career has been in the area of education.  Besides running a theater and working at the YMCA in Pennsylvania, full time educating has been my life's work.  My friends think of me as a "grammar snob."  Currently I'm working on that flaw.  Besides teaching I enjoy antiquing, playing the drums, playing bridge, attending church groups, and reading.


Why you like to teach your grade or special area:

 Since I now have the gift of being able to work with only a few speech students, it is my delight to have time to prepare daily lessons that combine many of the areas of speech, such as articulation, fluency (stuttering), voice, social skills and language.  Language has always been a stronger skill for me than math and the sciences and speech gets to include so many "fun" topics to teach.  My own children roll their eyes when I gather my grandchildren around the kitchen table to share traditional grammar with them.


Your favorite units:

This is difficult to choose.  It's fun putting definitions to music which aids memory.  Using antique "props" is meant to give students some history along with their speech lessons.  I love to use Dick and Jane and David and Ann books for a twist in teaching reading.  Social skills can sometimes be targeted while having a tea party, and of course there is always repetition, repetition, repetition.