Counseling Services

 Mrs. Hersom

School Counseling K-5

Counseling Services



Individual Counseling

         Individual counseling occurs on a one-to-one, as needed basis. This interaction between a student and the counselor provides a student with the opportunity to explore ideas, share their feelings, and resolve issues. Some common issues discussed include: Improving relations with peers, communication skills, building self-image, coping with change, dealing with stress or loss. Students are referred to the school counselor by their parents, their teachers, or themselves.

         School counseling is brief in nature due to limited time constraints and is not intended to be long-term therapy. If therapy is desired, the school counselor is available to help coordinate a referral.


Small Group Counseling


         Small groups are offered throughout the school year for students who need or desire more school counseling related work. Specific age-appropriate topics for different groups include: Stress/anger management strategies, friendship skills, and accepting divorce or separation in their family.


Classroom Guidance


         Developmental classroom guidance offers the most efficient way to provide school counseling services to the largest number of students. Topics include recognizing feelings, developing an understanding of self and others, decision-making, communication, stress, personal safety and coping skills guided by the American School Counseling Association Mindsets and Behaviors. The number of classroom visits varies over the course of the school year.