Special Education

Mrs. Shafer, Special Education Teacher

Tell us about yourself:

I grew up in Northeast Connecticut, where I raised my family, and when my last son was fige I started going back to school to receive my Bachelors Degree at Eastern State University.  After working as an Instructional Assistant for seven years, I decided to become a Special Education Teacher and went to Southern Connecticut State University to receive my Masters in Special Education.  As time went on I decided I wanted to become a Reading Specialist and went to Southern Connecticut State University for two years of Saturdays to get my Sixth Year in Reading.  Since then, I have found it to be very rewarding as it has helped in helping students to become good readers, by passing on strategies for success.

Tell us why you like to work in Special Education:

 I like to work in Special Education because I believe everyone can learn.  Students need to learn who they are as a learner.  That is my speciality, helping students learn who they are as a person, and then a learner.  Throughout my years of teaching I have learned many helpful strategies.  Becoming a reading teacher as well has allowed me to gain even more strategies.

One of my favorite things to do is read to my grandchildren.  It's a wonderful feeling to be able to open their eyes and minds to what a story/reading/books can bring to their lives.  I look forward to these moments for many years to come by asking the amazing question, "What are you reading?"

How should parents contact me?

Parents can contact me by emailing at rshafer@rsu13.org, write me a letter or just call the school of their cfhoice, Cushing Community 354-2312.