Grade 4

About Miss Mank:


Hi Friends! I am very excited to serve as your fourth grade teacher for the 2018-2019 school year! We are going to have a wonderful time developing our classroom as a community.

    I am a Maine native who attended and graduated Oceanside High School. I moved to New York for college, and while working and completing my degree, I had the privilege of serving and working with people from many walks of life and from all over the world. My passion for teaching grew as I worked with international students. I draw from my life experiences when in the classroom in order to meet every child where they are at. It is my deepest privilege to be working with you and your family this year!

In my free time I love being near the ocean, playing board games, baking, and learning new skills and hobbies. I’m also an avid reader, and am constantly looking to add to my collection of favorite books!


Why do you like teaching 4th grade?


I have always believed that 4th grade is a magical age. There is a love and passion for learning and curiosity about the world. Young children have begun the gradual change into young adults, and I love mentoring and nurturing students during this stage of life. I had an amazing opportunity to student teach in a fourth grade class in New York, and I have loved it ever since!


What is your Parent Contact Plan?


This year I will be using Classroom Dojo as a primary communication plan. In addition, I welcome e-mails for questions and updates, and will check e-mail at least once daily. My e-mail is I look forward to communicating with you this year about our students! Lastly, the fourth grade will have Daily Planners and a Home-School binder. I will occasionally send home notes, newsletters, and other forms of written communication. Please do not hesitate to send notes to school using the Home-School folder, and be sure to check it daily!


Your Favorite Units to Teach:


I am very excited for this year’s English Language Arts Units in Reading Street. I am especially excited about the writing units on Personal Narrative, because it allows writers to explore and share their own experiences with others. There no story as unique as your own! I am also a big fan of Social Studies, and especially enjoy studying local history with a Maine Studies unit.


What are your Homework Guidelines?


Homework should be 20-30 minutes a night and will primarily cover English Language Arts practice, with occasional math practice as needed. In fourth grade we will be growing as independent and self motivated learners, and so completing homework nightly is an expectation. In addition, Students should be reading a “free reading book” of choice for at least 15 minutes a night, and will be expected to answer a response question each night.