Grade 1

Janelle Miller

  Grade One



Tell us about yourself:

 I grew up in St. George, Maine. I attended the St. George School and I graduated from Georges Valley High School in 2008. After high school I attended Husson University for 2 years majoring in Occupational Therapy. I decided Occupational Therapy wasn’t for me so I moved back home and started going to college at UMA. I took an education course and I loved it so I changed my major to Elementary Education. I graduated from UMA with my teaching degree in 2014. My first job out of college was an Ed Tech II position at CCS. Halfway through the 2014-2015 school year I accepted a long-term sub position in the 1st grade classroom at CCS and I have been here ever since!


Tell us why you like to teach 1st Grade?

First grade is an exciting year. There is so much academic growth that takes place throughout the year, and it is fun to watch. I also like first grade because the students always make me laugh with their stories and compliments they share.


What are your favorite student units?

 I love to teach reading. There is a lot of reading growth in first grade so it is always exciting to watch students take off with their reading and really comprehend what they’re reading.



What is your parent contact plan?

Parents can reach me via email at, or they can call me during school hours. I also send home a bi-weekly newsletter. 


What are your homework guidelines?

Students will get reading homework Monday-Thursday. Math homework may occasionally be assigned, and that will be due the next day.