Grade 3



Darcy Payne, Third Grade Teacher

                                                                            dpayne@rsu13.orgr            354-2312


               I grew up in Northern New York State as the youngest in a large family and was fortunate to attend a K-12 school with 500 students. I earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Education through the State University of New York at Oswego. I taught pre-school and directed the Craig Child Care Center in Alaska for a couple of years. Then I moved to beautiful Midcoast Maine in 1994. Since then I have substituted K-8, taught P.E. K-4, taught in resource rooms K-8, taught in a behavior room 6-8, and taught Title I Literacy K-5. Now I am excited to be teaching 3rdgrade at Cushing Community School!

In my free time I like to take pictures, scrapbook, garden, read and spend time with my husband, good friends and my goldendoodle, Gracie.  We have family in Northern New York, Georgia and Alabama so we get to travel to see them.  We have just welcomed a new grandson to the world in Alabama; he joins his sister just turned 6.

I have found 3rd graders to be enthusiastic about learning both academically and socially.  I enjoy working with each child and discovering how they learn best and what they’re interested in learning about in this world of ours. Third grade is the year that all that students have been learning about reading really becomes rock solid!   We will be learning about weather, forces, plants and animals. Oh, and we get to learn to multiply and divide as well as to begin to understand and use fractions!  Map reading and understanding land formations will be fun, too! I look forward to reading to children as well! I really like teaching at Cushing Community School because of the community based atmosphere and being with wonderful co-workers, volunteers and of course the students.

Parents are a very important influence on children’s success. They can feel free to communicate with me through Class Dojo, by phone or e-mail; Class Dojo can be used as another a form of communication.  I plan to send home a newsletter at least twice a month if not more often (weekly) through Class Dojo. Students will be responsible for taking both the Home to School folder and resource binder home and return it each day.  Parents should look at this daily, too.  The “keep at home” side should be cleaned out each night.  I am happy to set up meetings as needed in addition to the Fall and Spring Parent Conferences.

Homework in 3rd grade should average about 30 minutes per night. It is best to set up a consistent time each night or to make a plan each week for that time.  Each child should read to an adult for at least 15 minutes each day and complete the book log form; I also encourage students to read independently for fun.   If students are not given a specific math assignment, be sure to do some math each night and fill out the math log.  Students may also be given some handwriting to practice at home if not completed in class. My hope is that parents will be actively involved with their child’s education through homework and reading together.  Thank you!


*Math Ideas:

  • count change
  • tell time
  • figure out what time it will be in so many minutes or how much  time has passed
  • practice facts
  • math on Moby Max
  • play board games like Yahtzee, Pay Day
  • play card games – Addition War, Rummy, Cribbage
  • Close to 100 (can use a deck of cards without face cards, Ace=1)
  • a game that student has learned in math class
  • helping measure to cook, sew, build, etc.